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Maya conspires to grab the property registered in the name of Princy. Maya leaves Princy home alone. Princy goes into the home ...
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Princy leaves a snake beside the ladder. The terrified goon falls down from the ladder seeing a snake. Criminal boss ties a rope to ...
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Bunty, Twinkle and Fruity become smaller due to effect of Bunty's invented machine. Deepak expresses his wrong intention in ...
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Fruity stops Twinkle from disclosing her dress before Fancy dress party as she wants to surprise all in the fancy dress party.
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Kitabi Kida informs that there will soon be hurdles and calamities in Paristaan and Fruity and Princy will play a big role in saving ...
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Altu tells Princy that he has come here to know the secret behind her vision. Cruela detects Altu in Tiwari house and she wants to ...
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Cruela receives a magic sword from her devil master to kill Altu. Cruela uses her black magic on Altu while he was moving on a ...
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Chulbuli Pari transforms Hakim Chacha into a donkey. Chulbuli Pari is convicted into a case for committing offense all the time.
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Jeff and Kartar praise Fruity for her courageous act. Kartar and Jeff are worried as her health is degrading. They try to find energy ...
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Sona informs everyone that Princy is the queen of the temple and the reason she sent Fruity to the temple. Zarrakh traps Sona and ...
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Kalawati visits Rohit's house with Bunti and Bubli. Bunty and Bubli make fun of Fruity. Bubli takes Fruity's clothes and makes fun of ...
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Fruity and her friends plan to go to Alibaug with Princy. Masi suggests Maya to send Princy inside the witch's bungalow. Masi and ...
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Altu arrives at animation world with Princy. Ding Dong informs Fruity that Goblin's den is nearby that big oak tree. Fruity drinks the ...
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The Principal announces Fruity's name as the best student of the year. Rocky and Diana plan to spoil Fruity's name in the school.
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Fruity gives a presentation with her acting skills to Twinkle. Cruela conspires to ruin Fruity's plays as Fruity is playing the character ...
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Fruity and her friends go to Jeff's place to celebrate Christmas. Kali Pari has escaped using a dark magic. Kali Pari possesses ...
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Rohit and Fruity's friends are hunting for Fruity who is lost in forest. Fruity is muddled and is threatened by tribesman. Rohit along ...
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Pappu and Lal Badshah steal Fruity's car while she is sleeping in the car. Rohit asks the security guard about his car. Fruity calls ...
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Rohit comes in search of Fruity. Deepak puts Twinkle, Bunty and Fuity into the drawer. They climb up by a pen strap outside the ...
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Fruity melts the Freezer by the reflection of the mirror and saves all the frozen characters. Altu climbs down into the hole to save ...

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