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son pari episode 200
By Star Classics
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Altu helps Jeff in the boxing competition. Fruity tells Rohit about Christmas party in the school. Rocky's father donates one lakh for ...
son pari episode 226
By Star Classics
71.244 weergaven
Kartar welcomes Bunty in Fruity's friends club and invites them for the trip. Shekhawat and Fruity get kidnapped while going to the ...
son pari episode 201
By Star Classics
134.665 weergaven
Pandeyji finds the stolen charity money in Fruity's bag. Principal restricts Fruity from the school. Altu comes as a joker to help Fruity ...
son pari episode 123
By Star Classics
88.710 weergaven
Sultan abducts Fruity, wanting Maduras from her. Jeff and Jennifer make a plan to save Fruity from Sultan and his followers.
son pari episode 103
By Star Classics
51.200 weergaven
Bonny (Babu) wins the confidence of everyone as a good security officer. Fruity is heartbroken at the kidnapping of Genius.
son pari episode 202
By Star Classics
89.977 weergaven
Fruity helps orphanage boy. Rohit and Fruity comes to the police station to file a complaint. Rohit brings the orphanage to his ...
son pari episode 172
By Star Classics
100.594 weergaven
Fruity chases Arnold and captures them with the help of Son Pari. Villagers beat up Arnold and take him to the police.
son pari episode 205
By Star Classics
108.051 weergaven
Sona and Altu are worried as they are not able to find the magical plant. With the help of police Rohit saves Fruity and Chiku.
son pari episode 246
By Star Classics
102.486 weergaven
Maya tells Bindu to be strict with Princy. Maya adds slow poison pills in Princy's water bottle. Ria drinks water from Princy's water ...
son pari episode 265
By Star Classics
117.080 weergaven
Hakim directs Sonpari and Altamash to keep the precious stones in nine different directions of heaven so that evil forces do not ...
son pari episode 219
By Star Classics
91.392 weergaven
Sona organizes a surprise party for Fruity on her birthday. Fruity is disheartened as she thinks that Rohti and Dadi have forgotten ...
son pari episode 126
By Star Classics
132.709 weergaven
Son Pari uses all her power and strength to get Fruity back from the dark territory. Rohit plans for Fruity and her friends, they go for ...
son pari episode 195
By Star Classics
116.761 weergaven
Altu Saves Sonpari from hands of Bhatkal. Sonpari tells Fruity about Bhatkal. Bhatkal orders his assistants to kill Sonpari.
son pari episode 164
By Star Classics
47.078 weergaven
Fruity introduces Naina to Rohit and tells how she has helped Fruity in winning the game. Sonpari and Altamash discuss about ...
son pari episode 63
By Star Classics
45.153 weergaven
Fruity misunderstands Ruby and Deepak as Medusa and Black Virus. Doctor tries to understand Fuity's disease. Fruity rubs the ...
son pari episode 121
By Star Classics
105.216 weergaven
Fruity and Sona are sent to the dark territory as Fruity fails to reach home before the dusk. Altu goes to Hakim to save Fruity and ...
son pari episode 14
By Star Classics
41.367 weergaven
Rohit and his family members become mad when Fruity vanishes from the terrace. The police denies believing this fact. Son Pari ...
son pari episode 206
By Star Classics
63.528 weergaven
Altu is worried for Fruity. Ruby is furious at Deepak as he tries to enact as Swamiji. Ruby informs Dadi that she is coming with ...
son pari episode 233
By Star Classics
101.165 weergaven
Kalawati visits Rohit's house with Bunti and Bubli. Bunty and Bubli make fun of Fruity. Bubli takes Fruity's clothes and makes fun of ...
son pari episode 130
By Star Classics
60.368 weergaven
Altu disguises himself as the mask and Tony wears it and becomes good and gets fooled. Deepak begins to loot all the banks.

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