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By iknowwitchfu
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Another (way) lesser known lesbian movie from my archives..from '98, High Art, with Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell. Leave a ...
By wwwkompatotalcom
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WE HATE MEN Just a film I put together about a lesser known lesbian movie. WARNING:Contains lesbian content. If that offends ...
By Elizabeth Bathory
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High Art Cast: Radha Mitchell, Gabriel Mann, Ally Sheedy, Patricia Clarkson More portrayals of lesbian characters were seen in...
By xxRainbow1978xx
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This is a lesbian fanvid for one of my favorite movie couples - enjoy. Any homophobic comments will be removed. If you have a ...
By xxRainbow1978xx
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Alternative version: This is a lesbian compilation music video of ...
By xxRainbow1978xx
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This is a lesbian compilation music video of various couples from movies, TV and short films - enjoy. Any homophobic comments ...
By Gaby Lister
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Video of Movie Lesbian Music: Hélène Ségara - On n'oublie jamais rien on vit avec No Copyright Thanks for watching ! :)
By xxRainbow1978xx
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Alternative version: This is a lesbian compilation music video of various couples from movies, short ...
By xxRainbow1978xx
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This is a lesbian compilation music video of various couples from movies - enjoy. Any homophobic comments will be removed.
By Lexx223
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scenes from two time-themed movies, Fingersmith and the Berlin Affair set to the score from Gattaca. The Departure by Michael ...
By Katherine270909
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Song: Dreaming of you - Celine Dion Movies: Loving Annabelle , Imagine Me and You, Lost and Delirious , Aimee & Jaguar , If ...
By dee isAwesome
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Here's a list of Lmovies I have seen so far along with previews. If you have any recommendation of Lmovies for me, please feel ...
By Sapphic7777
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Music video about Sugar Rush a britian TV Show! Enjoy :)
By iknowwitchfu
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L-Word fans..who's the cute red-head?? Yes, Laurel much better as a red-head!! No, I'm not a fan of "The ...
By tlareleasing
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A landmark in independent and gay filmmaking, Lisa Cholodenko's High Art is a superbly constructed erotic drama which charts ...
By ladychiwi
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So I tried very very hard to put all the "decent" lesbian kisses seen on tv shows and movies into one vid, i'm sure I missed some, ...
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This is my first video, I wanted to make a video with a couple of scenes of lesbian movies. I hope you like it. The song is Perfect by ...
By iknowwitchfu
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A great lesbian flick!! One of my favs!! You should really check it out!! Two cuties!! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!
By Cj Winters
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No Copyright Infringement Intended Has content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment Lesbian Music Video ...
By wolfielemon
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Radha Mitchell Page:

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