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police caught on video giving two women body cavity search using the same pair of gloves violated
By strangenewstv
Category : News
Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop... and 'using the SAME gloves on both' Angel Dobbs, 38, and niece Ashley Dobbs, 24, were pulled...
ottawa police attack and strip search innocent woman
By FrederictonNews
Category : News
A judge has released a portion of surveillance video showing the controversial strip search of a woman by Ottawa police officers in September 2008. The video shows Stacy Bonds, 27, being forced...
two women cavity searched by texas police after being pulled over for littering near dallas
By Police State USA
Category : News
READ MORE: ADDISON, TX -- Two women say that after being pulled over for littering, Texas State Troopers insisted that they must be carrying marijuana in their...
cop conducts shocking cavity search on two women 2012
Category : News
Two Texas women are suing after state troopers subjected them to a humiliating and invasive 'roadside body cavity search' that was caught on video. Female trooper Kellie Helleson is seen in...
police conduct roadside cavity search on 2 black women
By The Alex Jones Channel
Category : Nonprofit
Two young women were stopped for speeding on Memorial day 2012 in Brazoria County, Texas. The women had just finished enjoying their holiday at Surfside Beach on the Texas coast when they ...
philadelphia police search for woman grabbed and forced into car
By CBS This Morning
Category : News
The FBI released surveillance video of a man using an ATM card belonging to kidnapped Philadelphia woman Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. The abduction was also caught on tape. Jim Axelrod reports.
police search for women accused of robbing jewelry store
By WESH 2 News
Category : News
Alleged jewelry thieves in Rockledge used distractions to steal around $1000 in property. Subscribe to WESH on YouTube now for more: Get more Orlando news:
police search for gunman who fired into crowd of women
By WESH 2 News
Category : News
A woman was shot twice at an Orlando 7-Eleven on Wednesday afternoon. Subscribe to WESH on YouTube now for more: Get more Orlando news: Like us:http://fac...
honolulu police search for three women in macy s theft
Category : News
Three women are at the center of a Macy's theft at Windward Mall.
news special police search farm for missing woman
By ForesterTV
Category : News
Police continue the search for Redmarley woman Kate Prout who has not been seen since November 5.
police search for woman performing sex acts in public
By WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
Category : News
Police in Windsor are searching for a woman who is performing sex acts at libraries and Tim Hortons locations. ◂ WXYZ 7 Action News is metro Detroit's leading source for breaking news,...
police search for missing texas woman who vanished after party
By Nicole Sharek
Category : News
Police Search For Missing Texas Woman Who Vanished After Party Police Search For Missing Texas Woman Who Vanished After Party Police Search For Missing Texas Woman Who Vanished After ...
police search for brossard woman child
By Montreal Gazette videos
Category : News
Constable Mark David, spokesperson for the Longueuil Police Department, explains the set up of the command post in Brossard, on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. The police hope to collect clues to the...
chicago woman sues county police over strip search
By foxnews2402
Category : People
A Chicago-area woman arrested in May for drunk driving is now suing county police for what she says was an illegal, humiliating strip search by four officers that was all caught on video.
illegal strip search police abuse power strip search innocent woman
By AppleDailyEnglish
Category : News
A 25-year-old Taiwanese woman, surnamed Huang, was strip searched on Sunday night in Taipei after a police officer claimed that she smelled of ketamine. The police officer first ordered a...
police search for intruders who tied up 93 year old woman
Category : News
Two women received a terrifying surprise early Wednesday morning in Hollis when they awoke to find several people in the house. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now: Get...
police search for sexual battery suspect wanted for groping women near usc
By CBS Los Angeles
Category : News
Los Angeles and University of Southern California police Wednesday were searching for a sexual battery suspect who targeted women near the University Park campus. Kara Finnstrom reports.
police search for violent man accused of beating robbing elderly woman
By FOX 13 News -
Category : News
It happened this week, and so far their search has come up empty. READ MORE:
girl knows her rights with police tells off border patrol police officers
By policecrimecom
Category : News
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS read - To the Police: You Are NOT the Enemy (Unless You Choose to Be.) The Supreme Court recommends you DON'T talk to police officers, ...

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