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minecraft pocket edition seed to easily get diamonds gold iron and coal
By Jay K.
SEED: 0.04 **This seed gives you at least 10 iron, 4 gold, 6 diamonds, and I'm not sure how much coal.** Please 'Like' if this was ...
minecraft pocket edition new diamond seed with iron gold coal redstone
By Glowific
Check this other diamond seed out! - This amazing flat land seed is great for ...
minecraft pocket edition how to find coal iron gold redstone lapis lazuli and diamond
By TheNeil864
MineCraft PE Tutorial for how to find Iron,Gold, Redstone, Lapis lazuli And Diamond Seed: TheNeil864 Follow me on twitter: ...
minecraft pocket edition diamond seed with iron gold coal redstone new
By Glowific
Diamonds! This amazing seed contains many ores such as diamond, gold, iron, coal, and redstone under the spawn. Enjoy!
minecraft pe how to find diamonds gold iron and coal fast and easy
By CreeperXHO
I just writed the seed 0.7.0 randomly and I found diamonds, gold, iron and coal under the spawn area it was just realy cool to find ...
minecraft pocket edition epic seed iron gold redstone diamonds at spawn coal
By JohnGamingChannel
Minecraft Pocket Edition - Epic Seed - Iron,Gold,Redstone,Diamonds at Spawn - Coal.
more diamonds emeralds seed minecraft pocket edition seed rare
By Glowific
Even more diamonds and emeralds near the spawn! Is this the best seed ever!?! It's a rare mcpe seed with a floating island and ...
diamonds emeralds seed minecraft pocket edition 0 11 0 0 11 1  new
By Glowific
Diamonds and emeralds near the spawn! A rare mcpe seed with a floating island and many ores near the spawn such as ...
minecraft pocket edition new diamond seed 0 8 0 with iron gold coal redstone
By RicoPlaysMCPE
hello guys today im showing you the best diamond seed for mcpe :) seed: jpgaming SUBSCRIBE:
diamonds gold iron redstone coal under spawn minecraft pocket edition seed
By GlowificHD
DIAMONDS under spawn w/ Gold, Iron, Redstone, Coal : Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed (Survival Mode) Find diamonds extremely ...
all ores under spawn seed with mineshaft diamonds gold iron more minecraft pe
By GlowificHD
Minecraft Pocket Edition seed with diamonds, gold, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, and coal under the spawn! Like the video if you ...
best minecraft pe seed ever diamonds lava gold iron
By Crafter
Seed: nether4 I think this is one of the best seeds I've ever seen- there's lava, diamond, gold, iron, coal and redstone. Thanks for ...
minecraft pe 0 9 5 epic diamond seed  lapis gold iron red stone coal
By Methey
SEED!!!!!!!!: mymonkeys Let me welcome you to another episode of Minecraft PE [0.9.X] In this episode I PRESENT YOU ..... Epic ...
epic diamond seed for minecraft pocket edition underspawn
By CoDEvOLuTioNz
Coal/diamond/gold/iron/buter/lapiz & MORE INSANE SEED Best yet THIS IS ALL directly under your spawn. Minecraft PE - 6.1 ...
mcpe 0 8 1  seed with 11 diamonds gold iron redstone and more
By TechFreakGame
Seed: 1391214672 Can I get at least 10 Likes? ^.^ ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ Follow Me ...
new diamonds gold iron coal under spawn 0 8 1 seed minecraft pocket edition
best seed ever diamonds under spawn iron gold coal minecraft pocket edition
By Minecraft PE Gamer
Hey guys and welcome back to a Awesome Seed Showcase! If you enjoyed please leave a like Seed: 0.9.0.
minecraft pocket edition diamond gold coal and iron seed
By YourFavoriteKids
New video every day if I have a chance to post.
minecraft pocket edition seed showcase herobrine diamond gold iron coal and lapis spots to mine
By Ibrar Najib
In this video i will show you a minecraft seed showcase where i show you the spots to find diamonds,gold,iron,coal and lapis ...

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